2015-2016 School



"Let us be protectors of creation...one another and of

                                                                     the environment"


                                                                                                                    -Pope Francis 
  • October 12th

    Thanksgiving Holiday!


  • October 13th

    Girls Field Hockey @ Tindall Field
    3:00 PM


  • October 14th 


    Junior Boys Volleyball @ FSS
    3:45 PM
    Senior Boys Volleyball @ FSS
    5:15 PM
    McMaster University
    10 AM
    St.John's Masses
    10 AM

    Junior Girls Basketball @ RND
    5:00 PM
    Senior Girls Basketball @ RND
    3:30 PM
    Ultimate Frisbee Tourny @ Tindall
    Take Your Kid to Work
    12:30 PM

  • October 15th


    University of Ottawa
    1:30 PM


    Junior Football @ RND
    3:45 PM
    Senior Football @ RND
    2:00 PM

  • October 9th



    University of Ontario

    8:30 A.M.



    Jr. Boys Football

    5:00 P.M


    Sr. Boys Football



  • Coming Up


    Ph Classic Girls Basketball

    Oct. 20th


    School Council Meetings

    Oct. 20th

    Kassa Cross Country

    Oct. 22nd


    Parent Teacher Interviews


Regi Notre Dame
Profile-PicCoffee House Tonight at 7 pm! Bring your mug!
Profile-PicPA day tomorrow! Time to catch up on some sleep 😪😪
Profile-PicFirst non-uniform day of the school year today and football this afternoon vs. Frontenac. Go Panthers!#greatstarttotheweekend
Profile-PicHelp for young people who are close to a problem drinker. Alateen at 7 tonight at Boys & Girls Club Frontenac Mall. #anonymity #helpinghand
Profile-PicJoin the Sisters of Providence of St.Vincent de Paul in their final social justice Vigil taking place tonight in front of city hall from 5-8

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